2017 Enrolment Form QAST School Skiing

You must be in a season long QAST programme to participate.

QAST will notify your school of your intention to participate upon enrolment however it is your responsibility to advise your school when you will be absent.

QAST will invoice you in advance for school skiing.

If a QAST athlete is part of the Junior Academy Programme they will already be training on Wednesday and Thursday throughout the season.

Extra days may be added to the QAST programme throughout the season at the discretion of the family as well as notifying and agreeing with the school in advance.

If the school have any questions about school skiing or QAST please just ask.

Out of School:
• Meet the QAST code of conduct at all times.
• Represent my School in an exemplary manner.
• Commit fully to the training requirements of my QAST Coach or the QAST Head Coach.

In School:
• Arrive on time and prepared for learning.
• Be actively engaged in learning and work without disturbing others.
• Establish and maintain a positive relationship with teachers, appreciating the extra work they are completing.
• Consult with teachers to ensure clarity of expectations (including deadlines).
• Maintain the academic standards expected of me by my Teacher.
• Respect the learning environment provided at school.

Note: If at any time an applicant is deemed to be in breach of this contract their continuation in the programme will be reviewed by the School Representative and/or the Head Coach

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