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Welcome and thank you for your interest in joining MD2Palestine!

We are a grassroots abolitionist organization fighting for the liberation of Palestine in Maryland.

* We believe in abolitionist and revolutionary organizing that rejects punitive and violent systems as necessary to build a world free of harm, borders, and prisons.
* We recognize that we organize on stolen and unceded indigenous Piscataway and Anacostan land.
* We reject empire, colonialism and imperialism everywhere and in all of its forms.
* We must dare to create and live in a world full of radical love and community care everyday.

If these tenants resonate with you, you're in the right place. Please fill out the information below and one of our members will reach out to you with next steps.

In solidarity,
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What past experiences and special skills, if any, would assist you in organizing with us? People join us at all experience levels, we just want to see where you're at! [3-5 sentences] *
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