Subject: Maths – GRADE 3
Time allowance: 45 minutes
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In the subtraction shown, X and Y are digits. What is the value of Y-X? *
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Which list orders the numbers from LEAST to GREATEST? *
A vase can hold 10 flowers. There are 120 flowers, how many vases do you need? *
Find the perimeter of the figure shown below. (Give a = 45 and b = 27) *
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Mary’s mother bought 3 flowers and 5 candles. Each flower cost 10 cents and each candle cost 20 cents. How much did Mary’s mother spend on flowers and candles? *
If we know that 9 x 7 = 63, what does that tell us? *
I am reading a 120-pages book. What is the sum of all the number pages? *
How many cubes are there? *
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Which numbers come in to the place of question mark? *
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At a movie, the seat numbers of Ashley, Brannon, Colin and David are 20, 21, 22 and 23, but not in this order.David’s seat number is bigger than Brannon’s.Ashley and Brannon are not sitting next to each other.Ashley’s seat number is bigger than that of Brannon but smaller than Colin’sWhat is David’s seat number? *
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