Shepherd's PIE @ ITCN ASIA & Pre-Seedstars World Event
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Why You Should Pitch Your Startup at Shepherd's PIE @ ITCN & Pre-Seedstars World Event
Have you ever wondered, every year you see several Startups winning few thousand dollars in different Startup competitions but you never see them excel and become a Million dollar company in second, third or fourth year. This proves that money alone can not get your startup at a stage where you want to see it in 5 or 7 years.

Our unique approach to provide you a platform where you can pitch your startup and present yourself as worthy individual(s) in front of experienced Entrepreneurs; gives an opportunity to start your Entrepreneurial journey with an individual (Shepherd) who’ll make sure to that you never ask this question to yourself, “Where the money is gona come from?” and fully concentrate on building your Startup, where your efforts are needed the most, so why wait?

Register your Startup to pitch in front of our Shepherds at Shepherd's PIE @ ITCN & Pre-Seedstars World Event

*  Opportunity to pitch your startup in-front of Shepherds (Experienced CEOs and Investors), 10 mins pitch and 10 mins Q&A.

*  Your startup pitch will be live broadcasted round the globe to attract international Investors, Angels, Seed Investors and VCs.

* Your startup pitch will be recorded and will be boosted on social media afterwards.

* Preferential listing of startup on jumpstart portal to attract investors from around the globe.

*  International exposure in case you get selected to represent Pakistan in Geneva in fintech and Travel industry category.

* Opportunity to get selected for Seedstartworld annual event to win $ 1.5 Million.

*  Free Stall for 3 days in Startup Expo at ITCN Asia 2015.

*  Up to 4 Free passes for Co-founders.

Note: Startup registration fee and payment details will be sent in a confirmation email.
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