Travel and Conference Grant Application
Rarts of Policy XXVI: Travel and Conference Grant

Application deadlines
1.1. Applications must be submitted within the following timelines to be considered:
1.1.1. At least five (5) days prior to the date of the event;
1.1.2. At least five (5) business days prior to a regularly convened Executive Council meeting; and,
1.1.3. Applications which are submitted well in advance of the event may be tabled to the closest Executive Council
meeting for approval to evaluate the number of applicants attending the same event.
1.1.4. No applications will be accepted retroactively.

Frequency of Application
4.1. A student, club, or group may be eligible to receive a maximum of two (2) Travel and Conference Grants per academic year

Funding Dispersal
5.1. All applications will receive an approval or denial confirmation e-mail from the VP Operations and Finance within 2
business days following the Executive Council meeting;
5.2. A cheque will be made available for approved applications at the Students’ Union office within 5 business days following the Executive Council meeting;
5.3. Cheques will be made available upon proof of registration confirmation, if applicable;
5.4. The Students’ Union reserves the right to withhold funding in the event that there is a substantial change in circumstances or information around which the authorizing motion was based; and,
5.5. Funds which are approved are not transferable to another project, conference, person, budget, or club which was not
identified in the original authorizing motion

Upon Completion of Funded Event
6.1. Any funds which are not spent on the approved travel and conference/event expenses must be returned to the Students' Union;
6.2. A minimum of 200 words report about the conference or event and receipts of expenditures may be requested by a
Students’ Union Executive Council member within ten (10) business days of the completion of the conference or event;
6.3. Should a student or group fail to submit the requested report and receipts following a conference or event, he or she shall be responsible for returning the full amount of the Travel and Conference Grant to the Students' Union; and,
6.4. Use of the Students’ Union Travel and Conference grants for anything other than their approved event constitutes fraud and the Students’ Union reserves the right to seek reimbursement through invoicing, fee assessment and/or civil claims.

By Submitting this form you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in Policy XXVI: Travel and Conference Grant.

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