HRSFANS 2016 Survey
This survey collects information about our members to help the HRSFANS board plan our future activities. It establishes who our members are.

If you would like to vote in the 2016 HRSFANS board elections, you are required to fill out this survey.

Your feedback is extremely helpful to us. If in any area of this survey, the provided responses aren't sufficient to express yourself, please let us know. We also welcome feedback at any time at

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What activity would you like to see HRSFANS organize? Feel free to suggest either or both in person (i.e. parties) and online (i.e. book club) activities. Are you available to help run that activity?
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How do you feel about our Summer and Winter Parties?
Comments on the Summer and Winter Parties:
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The Winter Party 2016/17 will be held as in years past, but in future years we might consider organizing an event in the spring in the Cambridge area. A spring event would allow HRSFANS and HRSFA members to get to know each other, filling the role previously occupied by Vericon.
Spring activities comments:
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Would you like HRSFANS to organize a newsletter for members who wanted to publicize their participation in conventions and other events?
If you’d like to hear about cons and other events, how would you like to hear about it?
Comments on the proposed events newsletter:
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Are you subscribed to your local area HRSFANS mailing list?
Just for fun, a question that may be either trivially obvious or hopelessly complex: What is HRSFANS?
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Finally, do you have any other comments or questions for the HRSFANS board?
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Dues, Voting, and Donations
We have set dues for this survey period at $0. Congrats! You have all the privileges of a dues-paying member. If you are a member of the Harvard Community, as defined by the Harvard Alumni Association ("alumni, their spouses/partners, students, faculty, staff, parents, and visiting fellows."), those privileges include voting and running in the upcoming HRSFANS board elections.

We offer the option at this time of donating money to HRSFANS. Donations are used to pay our annual fees to maintain our nonprofit status. We also use donations to fund some smaller events, not including the Summer and Winter Parties. In the past year, our main expenditure besides annual fees was donating coffee and donuts to a HRSFA-run Star Wars marathon.

Suggested donations are:
$23 standard donation (for the Illuminati)
$11 for recent graduates, or others who'd appreciate a reduced rate (for Bilbo)
$42 for those who can afford it (for Douglas Adams)

If you are taking this survey from the HRSFANS website, you should find the donate button below. Otherwise, you can paypal to (, or send a check made out to HRSFANS to:

c/o Rosalind Martin, Treasurer
123 North St.
Shrewsbury MA 01545

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