Fangame Marathon 2019 Submissions!
Hey everyone! As some of you may know we've been preparing for FM2019 for a while now, and it's finally that time of the year again where we ask you to submit your runs for Fangame Marathon 2019! The event will take place on June 13-16.

If you're not quite sure what Fangame Marathon is all about, it's a community-held event where you can submit speedruns or showcases for any type of Fangame out there! As long as it's not developed by the same company that made the game it's based off of, we welcome you to submit it here! Fangame Marathon is generally a light-hearted, fun, community-based event, so if you're interested in submitting but you're not sure you're "good enough" to run anything, we implore you to pick a Fangame you enjoy playing and submit it anyway! We far prefer people who bring a friendly and entertaining atmosphere to their run or showcase over a lightning-fast speedrun (although it is a bonus if you can do both!).

Similar to last year, we want to make it clear we welcome any and all people from different parts of the world. All we need is to be able to properly communicate with you to make pre-run preparations!

Submissions for this year will cut off on the 28th of April, but if you for whatever reason happen to miss this deadline and have your heart set on running something, you can ping one of the Tech Crew or Admins of the FM discord and we may still be able to slot you in!

To see the list of submitted runs, click here:

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