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This pandemic has taken control over our lives for over one year now. We all know how the corona virus is spread, how this can lead to COVID-19 and how we can protect ourselves from COVID-19.

But the world around us has not been standing still. You might be wondering how the pandemic affects the usual healthcare? What the consequences of COVID-19 are on drug distribution in the pharmacy? And last but not least, what the world will look like after this pandemic? Since it might take a while to get used to our new (old) lives.

Come to the scientific symposium to have all your questions about the World in the (post) Corona era answered by three interesting speakers! Proessor de Bont, president of the board of the Elkerliek Hospital, Mr. Aris Prins, president of the KNMP and Professor Rosendaal will give a presentation about how to provide good healthcare during this pandemic, how corona affects the drug distribution and what the world will look lika after this pandemic.

The symposium will take place Wednesday the 31st of March, from 19:30 till 22:00 CEST, via zoom. The symposium will be held in English. You can sign up by filling in this Forms!
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