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šš‹šŽš†š†š„š‘š’/ššŽšŽšŠš’š“š€š†š‘š€šŒšŒš„š‘š’ & š‘š„š€šƒš„š‘š’ are all welcome to take part in my upcoming release promo!

If you're interested be sure to read thoroughly for all the information and dates you need.

š“šˆš“š‹š„ & ššŽšŽšŠ šˆšš…šŽš‘šŒš€š“šˆšŽš:

š“šˆš“š‹š„: Nice Guys Don't Win
š€š”š“š‡šŽš‘: Micalea Smeltzer
š†š„šš‘š„: New adult romance
š“š‘šŽšš„: College/sports romance, roommates, coach's daughter
Goodreads link:

š”šš‚šŽšŒšˆšš† š„š•š„šš“ šƒš€š“š„š’:

š‚šŽš•š„š‘ š‘š„š•š„š€š‹: Wednesday, April 21st, 2021
š‘š„š‹š„š€š’š„ šš‹šˆš“š™: Wednesday, May 19th, 2021
š‘š„š‹š„š€š’š„ ššŽšŽš’š“: Wednesday, May 26th, 2021

š€š‘š‚ š’šˆš†š š”š šˆšš…šŽš‘šŒš€š“šˆšŽš:

ARCs are normally sent out approximately 2 weeks prior to release. So, the estimated date (not guaranteed) for ARC's to be sent is Wednesday, May 5th, 2021.

Readers and/or bloggers/bookstagrammers who are looking to sign up for an Advanced Review Copy of Dare You To Hate Me šŒš”š’š“ take part in all three promotional events listed above. That includes šœšØšÆšžš« š«šžšÆšžššš„, š«šžš„šžššš¬šž š›š„š¢š­š³, ššš§š š­š”šž š«šžš„šžššš¬šž š›šØšØš¬š­.

Cover Reveal Packets will be sent out on Tuesday, April 20th, 2021. The packet will include a form, in which you will turn in your Cover Reveal Day Post links.

ā˜…šƒšŽ ššŽš“ ššŽš’š“ š“š‡š„ š‚šŽš•š„š‘ š‘š„š•š„š€š‹ šš‘šˆšŽš‘ š“šŽ 9š€šŒ š„šƒš“ WEDNESDAY, APRIL 21st šŸšŸŽšŸšŸ.ā˜…

If you signed up for an ARC copy, please make sure that you turn in your Cover Reveal Day promo post link to be eligible for an early copy of DYTHM.

Once ARCs have been sent, I will be sending out an email to everyone who has had an early copy sent directly to their kindle, and I will let everyone know it is time to check their kindle, to make sure that they have received their ARC copy.

š€š‘š‚/š‘š„š•šˆš„š– š‹šˆššŠ šƒš”š„ šƒš€š“š„:

ARC Reviews are due on release day, Wednesday, May 19th.

If you do not think you will be able to accomplish that, please do not sign up. Reviews are such an integral part of a book's success, and we appreciate each and every person who leaves a review. You all are the REAL MVPs!
But if you are not certain that you will be able to review on time, please just skip this one. I promise there will be more in the future to take part in!

Also, I am SO sorry to say this, but to be able to take part in this sign up, you will š”šššÆšž š­šØ š›šž ššš›š„šž š­šØ š„šžšššÆšž šš š«šžšÆš¢šžš° šØš§ š€š¦ššš³šØš§. We get that Amazon takes away reviewing rights for basically no reason, but we need our reviewers to be able to review on Amazon because it's critical for visibility of the books on its platform. The more reviews on Amazon, the more likely they will be seen, and provided in newsletters, ads, etc., especially after a book hits 50+ reviews.

The Release Blitz Packet that bloggers/bookstagrammers + readers receive will include a Release Day Post/Review Link Turn in Form, where you will be able to turn in your Release Day Post share, and the links to where you have shared your reviews. Please make sure that Goodreads Reviews are turned in on or prior to the end of release day. Also, make sure that your review is submitted to Amazon on release day. I will send out a reminder to make sure that your Amazon Review Link has been turned in, in the Release Boost Packet I will send out a week after release.

š’ššŽšˆš‹š„š‘š’/šš‘šˆš•š€š‚š˜ š‘š„šš”šˆš‘š„šŒš„šš“š’:

PLEASE do not include spoilers in your review for Nice Guys Don't Win.

If you signed up for an ARC, you will need to make sure that you provide your šŠšˆššƒš‹š„ š„šŒš€šˆš‹ š€šƒšƒš‘š„š’š’, and that you have šššššžš š¦š² šžš¦ššš¢š„, OR to your approved senders.

ā˜…š€ššÆššš§šœšžš š‘šžšÆš¢šžš° š‚šØš©š¢šžš¬ ššš«šž š¬šžš§š­ šƒšˆš‘š„š‚š“š‹š˜ š­šØ šŠš¢š§šš„šžā˜… (No exceptions!)

They are for YOUR eye only, and should not be shared with anyone or anything. ARCs are able to be tracked, so I will be able to trace back to whom exactly leaked or abused the privacy agreement specifically. Please make sure that you are following the privacy requirements completely.

š‘š„š‹š„š€š’š„ šš‹šˆš“š™/ššŽšŽš’š“ šš‘šŽšŒšŽ šˆšš…šŽ:

Release Blitz & Release Boost Promo will be provided via email the evening before the designated share date. You will be provided with a graphic, and a ready-made, easy to copy/paste post, for your social media platform(s) of choice. You will be provided with both a pre-made post for Facebook and Instagram.


If you think that you are interested in taking part in just the promotion aspect of Nice Guys Don't Win OR you are interested in helping promote & read and review an early copy, I would absolutely LOVE to have you take part in supporting my next release!

Thank you in advance to anyone and everyone who signs up to help with this release. We appreciate ALL of the hard work you all put in, and cannot thank you enough.
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I hate to do this, but at the current moment I'm only accepting readers and/or bloggers/bookstagrammers who are able to review on Amazon. Amazon reviews are such a large part of how successful a book can be, and at the current moment, we need to have as many reviews as possible to help ensure that Nice Guys Don't Win will be included in newsletters, and have more visibility to readers looking for a new book to read.
Are you able to have your review for Nice Guys Don't Win completed and submitted to Goodreads, Amazon, and/or Bookbub on Wednesday, May 19th, 2021? *
To be able to take part in receiving an early review copy of NGDW, you will need to be sure that you will be able to post your review to Goodreads, and to have submitted your review to Amazon on release day May 19th, 2021.
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PLEASE make sure that you have my address, OR added to your Approved Senders list! If you do not have either email added to your approved senders, you will NOT be able to receive the ARC copy on your kindle. PRIOR to providing your Kindle Address below, PLEASE make sure to head to Amazon and add the email addresses provided to you above, to your approved senders list.
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If you sign up to receive an early copy of NGDW, you need to agree that you will not share your copy with anyone. The copy is for your eyes only.
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