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Apply to teach for Langu! We're looking for language teachers (of all languages) with a wide variety of experience. Langu is a teacher-centric new language-teaching marketplace aiming to improve the way language are taught and learned online. We're looking for teachers who are energetic, excited about technology, responsive to messages, eager to engage with students and encourage them to become regular students.

In order to complete your application, please fill out the below questions and then send a copy of your CV and your teaching certificate(s) to:

We would like you to create a quick application video (anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes) to show us who you are. You may find it useful to use the following questions as a guide; however, you don’t need to answer all of them and you can talk about other things as well.

1. What’s your name?
2. Where are you from?
3. What languages do you speak?
4. How did you decide to be a teacher?
5. Why do you love teaching?
6. What other professional experience do you have?
7. What kinds of students do you most enjoy working with (children, adults, business students, exam preparation, etc.)?

Note: this is not an "application video" - it's meant to be your actual teacher intro video, which you'll be able to post on your teaching profile.

When you're done, upload the video to Drive, Dropbox, YouTube or another service and paste the link in the question at the end of this form. Make sure permissions are set to 'public', 'unlisted', 'anyone with the link' etc.
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What is your native language? *
What language(s)  would you like to teach on Langu? *
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List your formal language teaching qualifications *
How many years' experience do you have teaching languages? *
In what settings have you taught languages? Check all that apply: *
What should students expect from your classes? What are your teaching methods? What kind of exercises do you rely on? You'll be able to share learning materials directly with students in your virtual classroom. *
What particular speciality areas can you teach in? These can include things like law, TOEFL, business, accent reduction, etc. Please list all specialities separated by commas: *
Please briefly describe your professional background outside of teaching: *
List three unique facts about you that students might find interesting: *
Select the level(s) you prefer to teach: *
What would you like your basic hourly teaching rate to be? This will be up to you and can change over time, but please note we are currently looking primarily for teachers looking to charge around €16-24/hr or equivalent. *
We will soon begin offering Courses - a way for teachers to design and sell packages of lessons with a particular theme. For example: a 10-lesson course in Spanish for Traveling, or a 5-lesson course on Writing Business Emails. What are the names of some courses you might offer?
How did you find out about Langu? Please be as specific as you can!
Application video - please paste link here (see instructions at the top of this form) *
To finalise your application, you must email your CV (or a link to your LinkedIn profile) to Make sure you use the same name in this form and in the email. *
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