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This form is used to register a cemetery or memorial as a participating location for Wreaths Across America. Please use a separate form for each location.
Name of Location: *
Complete Address of Location: *
Location Coordinator Name: *
Location Coordinator Mailing Address: *
This address will be used to mail your ceremonial flags and other paperwork from WAA headquarters.
How will your contact information be used?
Your email address will be built into the contact button on your Wreaths Across America location website. Should someone request the contact information for your location, your phone number and email address will be provided for them.
Location Coordinator Phone Number: *
Location Coordinator Email: *
Co-Location Coordinator Name: *
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Number of Veteran Graves: *
How many veteran graves do you plan to cover with wreaths? *
If your location receives more sponsored wreaths than needed, how would you like to allocate those? *
How will my wreaths be delivered?
Your wreaths could be shipped via UPS/FedEx/USPS, on a Box Truck, or on an 18-Wheeler. All types of delivery addresses are required. Your Regional Liaison will communicate your wreath delivery information after the Cut-Off Date, once it is finalized.
UPS, FedEx, and/or USPS Shipping Address for Delivery of Wreaths: *
Your UPS, FedEx, and/or USPS Shipping Address must allow deliveries anytime, without notice. Commercial addresses are preferred.
18-Wheeler Shipping Address for Delivery of Wreaths: *
Your 18-Wheeler Shipping Address must be accessible by an 18-Wheeler and must allow deliveries anytime. The driver will contact you prior to delivery with an estimated time of arrival, however, we cannot guarantee how much advance notice you will receive. It is your responsibility, as the Location Coordinator, to have volunteers ready to unload the wreaths upon arrival, as the driver will not be unloading the truck. Setting up a volunteer calling tree can be helpful.
Is your location willing to accept Grave Specific Requests? *
By agreeing to accept Grave Specific Requests, you understand that it is your responsibility to keep track of and place wreaths on the corresponding graves for all requests online and through sponsorship groups.
Have you received permission from the cemetery staff at your location?
Permission to hold a Wreaths Across America ceremony at your location is required. Please provide the contact name, phone number, and email address for the person whom oversees your location. This may be a cemetery staff member or the managing town/city. If you don't have that information quite yet, you may leave this section blank and your Regional Liaison will contact you.
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