Why do we still have rampant Sexual Misconduct in 2021? or how to get SM on the nat. agenda?

my goal is to float my ideas and get into their energy--get feedback about my offers and find out what they buy and make something similar.

find out their pain points (that I could create an offer to solve)? I made this for you!

Get GK to review or ask on a MHQ&A, what am I trying to figure out? pain, products and their aspirations?

My mission:

It's high time to build a strategy to put sexual misconduct on the national agenda.

Your insights will help us define this strategy.

Things are changing, but not fast enough.

I’m on a mission to find out what else is needed to create the tipping point, to make sexual misconduct a thing of the past?

I'd love your opinion! (Your information will not be shared with anyone without your express permission.)

It is my hope that this strategy will harness the energy of hundreds of people who are dedicating their lives to stopping sexual misconduct and turn us into powerful, united and unstoppable force.

I am in the process of figuring out how to be the best resource for thought leaders and policymakers (and others) in this movement.

I'm deeply curious about your challenges & I want you to know that this expert coalition of the top players will harness all the initiatives out there and expedite the changes we need.

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Cell phone
Preferred method of communication
What profession best describes you?
Do any of these words describe you? which word stands out now?
Best time of day to reach you for a 15 minute or less conversation
I have two goals. Goal 1:  It's time to eradicate sexual misconduct. Collaboratively, I want to build a strategy to create the tipping point where sexual misconduct gets on the NATIONAL AGENDA and becomes a thing of the past. I need your expertise. What is the crux of the problem? What needs attention first as you see it? (Please choose your top 3.)
Lack of collaboration with local police. DA offices give police a clear signal that the DA's office takes these types of cases
Ending the Statue of Limitations
yes, in my top three
middle three
not now
Lack of collaboration with local police. DA offices give police a clear signal that the DA's office takes these types of cases
Ending the Statue of Limitations
Row 3Lack of designated specific Sexual Misconduct Units, separate from DV, Elder Abuse, Child Abuse, or Felony Units
Lack of any or on-going anti-bias training for police, judges, DA’s, etc.
pass affirmative consent laws, if you don't say YES, then it is rape (denmarks law)
Ending Forced Arbitration
Ending the confusion &/or conflict of interest on where and how to report sexual misconduct
Faragher-Ellerth Defense
Lack of education in how to say no, how to navigate consent, or understanding the definition of consent. Alcohol = rape.
The conflict of interest inherent with internal investigators and the lack of independent investigators
As women, we don't have enough clout, we're not a big enough force to be reckoned with (NOTE: Obviously, women are not the only people who are sexually assaulted. I am using this noun to include any person who's been assaulted.)
Underfunded/understaffed agencies: EEOC and other state discrimination agencies
Untested rape kits gathering dust
If you are a lawyer, are you busy taking cases and do you have little time to work on changing inadequate/archaic laws
Inadequate statutes
aggressive training in college, how to talk about sex, what is consent, if drinking = rape, etc.
shame and guilt, it was not perceived as rape, they had sex when they didn't want or expect it, they feel guilty
stop defining this as women's problem in how they dress rather than as men not knowing their boundaries and control their urges
stop the number of rapes and how to not create more rapists
One specific idea is to create a national monthly consortium (virtual, group mastermind idea) with some of the proposed features listed below. Please check off any ideas that would be of value to you!
Do you see potential in the national consortium idea? (group mastermind idea) Any comments? (Is someone already doing this or something similar?)
If you had time to organize and create something to help stop sexual misconduct, what might that be? What is your vision? What would make a difference? (Please indicate if you want this information to be kept strictly private. I am crazy about confidentiality.)
What professional organizations or bar associations do you belong to? What magazines do you read? What podcasts or websites or blog pages do you frequent? Are they any great groups on Facebook or LinkedIn?? I want to expand my reach.
I belong to NELA
I belong to ERA, San Fran
I belong to NWLA
I belong to Ben Glass
I belong to the women's bar? ______________
prof org? _________________________________
magazine? _______________________________
website you frequent? ____________________
blogs? __________________________________
other? __________________________________
FB group? ______________________________
LI group? _______________________________
Legislative group? ______________________
Goal #2: My second goal is to help any law practice or organization (fighting to eradicate sexual misconduct) to be hughly productive and profitable, which means you have to take care of your foundation:  'gain 3 uninterrupted hours' in your day. There are 5 benefits of this uninterrupted time where you can: 1) Organize your office to run without you 2) Become super productive and efficient 3) Have a life outside of the office before you retire 4) Do work that is meaningful to you. 5) Use this extra time on eradicating sexual misconduct. What would make your life easier? What is missing?
1 not an issue of mine
2, I am managing
3, I'm ok, it could be better
4, I'd like to make some upgrades here
5 very true, this concerns me
I need proper support so that my office can run without me
I need to own the courtroom
I need as many uninterrupted hours in the day to think and work each day as possible.
I am sick of my productivity dragging while facing minimal productivity.
I feel burdened by the stressful nature of this field (there are images I can't get out of my head.)
I am bombarded by out of control emails and text messages.
I'm tired of not having a family or dating life. I want a life outside of the office and time to pursue what's meaningful to me before I retire
#1-7 are on website, maybe different words; are #9-16 on website?
I need more hours in the day and hate drowning in all this paper and computer files
I need a confident --outside of the office-- to bounce ideas off of (my partner doesn't want to talk with me)
I want to be on top of my game; to feel more productive, efficient and caught up
There are so many things I'm responsible for, I want to have more focus on a daily basis
I want to wake up and love Monday mornings. I want to look forward to coming to work each day
I am stuck with cases and can't also strategize making changes things at the policy level
level of urgency: uninterrupted time in your day?
what is the most painful thing for them?
iw ant to be organized and doing things faster (marie jablonski)
gina barry, bringin g work home? or something else these days?
Row 19
What would you like me to teach? What have you purchased in the past? What problem was it supposed to solve? what is the most painful thing for them? what is urgent? what do they need that they can't/won't ask for? What is their biggest complaint? frustration? what support is missing?
1) Prefered format: do you want instant access, coaching gym hours, 1-1 scheduled time for 30 or 60 minutes? 2) Would you be interested in a live call or is that too vulnerable as lawyers don't share their weaknesses? 3) Do you have time to brainstorm and collaborate with others in your field?
not at this time
instant access
coaching gym hours
1-1 scheduled time for 60 minutes?
live call?
do you want to collaborate with others in your field
a mastermind on sexual misconduct?
a mastermind on productivity and profitability?
what topic is irresistible to you?
What do you currently spend money on?
Column 1
biz coach
tony robbins?
lawyer specific marketing like Atticus?
women led legislative group?
Thank you very much for your expertise. Is there anything else that you want me to know?
Can you think of one colleague who might add their insights to this study? May I contact you in a few days or more --after you check with them-- to see if they're available?  Thank you!
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