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Hopefully your opinion will help me understand what strategy is needed to make sexual misconduct a thing of the past.

Things are changing, but not fast enough.
I’m on a mission to find out what else is needed to create the tipping point?

I'd love your insights! (Your information will not be shared with anyone.)

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I have two goals. Goal 1: I want to create something that will bring sexual misconduct to the national agenda, something that will build a solid foundation to create a tipping point so that sexual misconduct will become a thing of the past. What is the crux of the problem? What three areas need attention first as you see it? (Please choose 3.)
One specific idea is to create a national monthly consortium (virtual) with the proposed features listed below. Please check off any ideas that would be valuable to you!
Do you see potential in the national consortium idea? Any comments? (Is someone already doing this?)
If you had time to organize and create something to help stop sexual misconduct, what might that be? (Please indicate if you want this information to be kept private. I am crazy about confidentiality.)
Goal #2: My goal is to help any law practice or organization (that is fighting to eradicate sexual misconduct) to be highly successful so that you can also have a life outside the office. You would then be freed up to focus on eradicating sexual misconduct and you will not burn out before you retire! What would make your life easier? What is missing?
Thank you very much for your expertise. Is there anything else that you want me to know?
Can you think of one colleague who could add their insights to this study? May I contact you in a few days --after you check with them-- to see if they're willing? Thank you!
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