Balagokulam Summer Challenge 2017

First time ever, Balagokulam Bharat (Hyderabad Chapter) launches Balagokulam Summer Challenge.
Summer holidays are the best time for children to invest in activities which help towards some skill development or character/mind development. So idea is to leverage this time and learn something new/interesting which take the children closer to our purpose of developing "pride for our culture and pride for our nation" in young blossoming minds.

And as we neither believe too much in competitions nor comparisons among children, the format of this challenge is slightly different than mainstream.

Format - Children pick/choose a challenge for themselves for this summer holidays. And at the end of summer submit their achievement (we will share the exact delivery later, but it will be either audio, video, images etc) and we will post it on our website

Here are some interesting challenges for Balagokulam children this year. Children are free to pick more than one challenge. But let us ensure that whatever challenge is picked, children do put in their best possible efforts to achieve the same.

For more details or queries, please drop an email to .

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