River Hills Ski Club Membership 2019/2020 Renewal Form
Please complete the following form to renew your membership. If you have any questions, contact Jennifer Freeda at 203.952.3296 or via email at jennfreeda@gmail.com. Please consult the 2019/2020 Membership Dues sheet for current rates. All renews are due by September 30, 2019.
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Membership Rate Information
Please see the Membership Rate Information for 2019/2020 Season. Indicate the level of membership that you are applying for.
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River Hills Ski Club LODGE BIN RENTAL 2019/2020
Lodge Bins are available for members to rent at the rate of $20 per bin per season. Please note there are a limited number of bins available, and will be assigned on a first come first serve basis. Requests for a second bin will only be honored after all member requests for a first bin have been fulfilled. Annual Dues and Bin Rental Fee must be paid in full prior to being assigned a bin.
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River Hills Ski Club Work Weekend Option
In order to facilitate and complete the necessary maintenance for the River Hills Ski Club, we are calling all adult members to participate. There is an option for those that cannot attend work weekends to participate and contribute. The first option is to attend one of the work weekends. The second is to provide a financial contribution in lieu of attending a work weekend. The financial contribution will be used solely for needed maintenance. (If you have a project you want to lead and finish that is separate from a work weekend(s), please submit that to the Board for consideration.)
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Volunteer Sign Up
River Hills Ski Club members are an integral part of the success and enjoyment of our Club. Through the efforts of volunteers we maintain and improve our lodge, communicate through email, website and social media, chair committees, and coordinate Club activities and events, including ski trips and parties. Volunteering is a requirement of membership.
Please indicate which activities(s) you plan to help with. A board member will be in contact with further details. *
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