SPC High School Mission Trip 2022
Hampden, West Virginian, July 10-16

All students who have completed 8th grade-12th grade are welcome to sign up for our Senior High Mission Trip! Friends of SPC students or children/grandchildren of SPC congregants are also welcome.

This is a service and learning trip. We will work with WV Ministry of Advocacy and Work Camps on projects that match our group's skills. Projects may range from painting, landscaping, siding, stairs, etc.

Cost is $150 for the trip. Scholarships are available! We will be hosting a carwash to go toward our mission and scholarship fund. Cost includes transportation, food, lodging, work materials, and a special activity on our day off.

To secure your spot on the trip, fill out this registration form and submit a $50 deposit to Laura or the church office. Friends of SPC students must fill out this registration form, too. The final day to register is June 1.
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For parents-- Are you interested in coming for all or part of the mission trip as a chaperone/adult leader? We will need work site volunteers (those with construction experience), adult leaders (those who will walk alongside youth for the trip), and kitchen leaders (those who will coordinate our meals). *
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