The Book of Ezekiel: Part II
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1. The hope for Israel begins with God promising a new _______, a future Messianic King.
10 points
2. This "New Israel", who is going to come under the Messianic King's rule, is going to be a transformed people with new hearts.
10 points
3. Ezekiel sees a huge calley filled with human _________ which was an image of Israel's spiritual state.
10 points
4. God tells Ezekiel that His _______ is coming to bring his people back to life.
0 points
5. The vision is recalling the story of the creation of humans from dirt and divine breath from Genesis chapter 2.
10 points
6. Chapters 38 and 39 promise God's final defeat of _____ among the nations!
10 points
7. ______ is an amalgam of all the worst violent people in the Bible. He is the archetype of human rebellion against God.
10 points
8. ______ is dealt with to pave the way for a new creation.
1 point
9. The last section of the book describes how one day God's presence is going to return to His people and His temple to bring cosmic restoration.
10 points
10. The book ends with the name of this Garden City, "____________________".
10 points
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