Living the One Light Survey
Hello and thank you so much for taking the time to fill out this survey!

My greatest love is to see and experience the incredible soul wisdom and beauty in all things and in other humans of all ages. I experience us all as equally amazing, beautiful gifts of the divine.

I would love to get to know you better, both to simply get to know you and also to have a sense of how to better serve your journey at this moment in time and moving forward.

I have been called by the spirit world to be a witness and support for us all to remember our existence as divinity, our deep, innate, divine wisdom, and our divine gifts and purpose.

I am guided to do this in various ways.

Please be honest in your responses below and feel free to provide me with any other information that you feel called to share.

And feel free to forward this questionnaire to anyone who you think might like to participate as well!

Thank you so much!

Much love,
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How did you hear about Martha or Living the One Light?
Which of the following interest you (if any)? Please mark all that apply.
Where are you on your journey in life, especially with regard to your sense of who you are as a soul? How would you describe your soul gifts and wisdom? To what extent do you feel you live in that knowing of yourself as the divine?
To what extent do you feel that you can see, feel, hear, or know your own Soul Self?
I do not feel I know my Soul Self at all.
I can fully see, hear, feel, and/or know my Soul Self.
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To what extent do you feel confident in yourself as a voice of the infinite wisdom of the divine?
I do not feel at all that I am a voice of divine wisdom.
I feel myself living as a an embodiment of divine wisdom much.of the time.
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To what extent do you feel that you are living life in full alignment with your Soul Self?
My life does not feel at all aligned with my Soul Self.
I am living a life that is in full alignment with my Soul Self in every way.
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Are you wanting to feel more able to fully remember your Soul Self and divine wisdom?
No, I do not feel a need to remember my Soul more fully.
Yes, I would love to more fully remember my Soul Self.
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Are you wanting to live a life that is more fully in alignment with your Soul?
No, I feel fine with my life the way it is.
Yes, I want my life to fully align with my Soul Self more than just about anything.
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What are your biggest challenges in either remembering your Soul Self and/or living your life in full alignment with your Soul?
How committed are you to finding solutions to these challenges and working toward overcoming them?
I have no interest, motivation, or drive to find solutions to these challenges.
I am fully committed to overcoming these challenges and to doing whatever it takes to live my life my full Soul Life.
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Which of the following interest you? (Choose any that call to you or perk your interest.)
Is there anything else your would would like me to know about you and your journey?
Your responses are so helpful! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!

Much love to you,
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