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Thank you very much for clicking on the link, you are one step closer to making this adventure come true.

On the 27th June, I will be cycling my way back, on my own, to Geneva from London in support of Alzheimer Swiss. I must arrive at the latest on the 4 th of July!!

This fundraising aims to help Alzheimer Suisse, a charity which makes a tremendous difference for families with members who have contracted this condition. The charity provides, for example, valuable advice, help at home with volunteers, discussion groups for relative to meet and share their experience and tips, as well as offering “group activities” to help maintain social skills or “Alzheimer holidays” for the patients. You can find more information by following this link:
You will be able to find updates from my trip by following Alzheimer Swiss' facebook: @alzheimerschweiz

This Charity works for a cause that is very close to my heart as Grand-Maman sadly died of Alzheimers during the summer of 2016, ten years after being diagnosed. During these 10 years, she was an example to us all, still enjoying life as much as possible, staying positive, loveful and being an absolute example of selflessness. Just like she had been throughout her entire life.

When I finish my trip, you will receive an email with the amount that you agreed to donate depending on how much I'll have pedalled. You will then be able to transfer the donation to the Association Alzheimer Suisse bank account.

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Cedric Ormond

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