2017 Michigan Area Braves Sign-Up Form
Join the Michigan Area Braves - A Tradition of Building Champions

2016 London Lakeside Tournament Runner-Up
2015 Great Lakes UBL Champion
2015 London Lakeside Tournament Runner-Up
2015 WBC Tournament Runner-Up
2014 NABF World Series Quarter-Finalist
2014 NABF Regional Champion
2013 Great Lakes UBL Champion
2013 NABF Regional Runner-Up
2012 Great Lakes UBL Champion
2012 NABF Regional Runner-Up
2011 Great Lakes UBL Champion
2011 NABF Regional Semi-Finalist
2011 MABA State Champion
2010 Great Lakes UBL Champion
2010 MABA State Champion

The Michigan Area Braves collegiate summer team is now recruiting for the 2017 season. Please fill out the form below. Once signed up, more information will be supplied to players.

Thank you,

Jim Kosmerick
General Manager
Michigan Area Braves


I understand that by fill out this document I am committed to the Michigan Area Braves (also known as the Braves).

I am also committed to abiding by the specific league’s and team’s code of conduct manual and their rules and regulations.

I have not signed, and will not sign, any other commitment form for the designated season. Filling out this document prohibits me from participating on any other summer league team. I may participate on other outside teams only according to team and league regulations.

I understand that this is a direct offer of the Braves to fill a place on its team roster in accordance with the rules of the league.

I understand that the Michigan Area Braves collect a player commitment fee.

I understand that I may be released from this letter of commitment only in the event of my signing a professional contract; being selected to an active traveling all-star team sanctioned or sponsored by the NCAA, the U.S. Olympic Committee or any of its subordinate committees, or a similar amateur athletics authority; or by written mutual consent of the Braves general manager. I understand that I may be released from this commitment by the Braves if I am deemed injured and unable to perform.

I understand that this letter of commitment is valid once I fill out the form and hit submit.

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