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General Questions
Which systems do you play games on?
While watching a TV show or movie, do you find yourself playing mobile games on your phone/tablet?
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Do you find yourself discussing the storylines of games with other people?
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How would you describe the time period in which Aurora takes place?
While playing the game demo, did you find yourself reading through the optional expositional material (letters, notes, collectibles, etc.)?
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If you collected items and viewed them in the inventory, did you find that their art and descriptions enriched your understanding of the game's world?
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What was your favorite part of the experience?
What was your least favorite part?
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Please read the following statements and then select if you agree or disagree.
"While playing through the demo, I felt drawn into the time period and Western genre."
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"The music in Aurora helped immerse me into the game world."
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"I would be interested in experiencing a Western game in Virtual Reality."
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"The stories told in games can be just as meaningful as the ones in books, TV, and movies."
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Please share some info about yourself.
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To wrap things up...
After playing the demo, I want to experience what the full game would have to offer.
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Overall, how would you rate your experience?
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Suggestions for improvement
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