Essence of Clinical Aromatherapy International Seminar : Speaker Submission for on-demand lectures
This form is for applying to submit a recorded 25-minute lecture presentation to the on-demand section of the Essence of Clinical Aromatherapy International Seminar.

We are particularly seeking submissions from practitioners/ researchers who are providing and/ or evaluating clinical aromatherapy care in healthcare settings.

This form needs to be completed by the potential speaker and submitted before March 1st 2021.

Upon receipt, the application will be reviewed swiftly.
If accepted, you will be offered one full pass to the seminar and your presentation will be streamed in the on-demand section of the seminar. It will also be included in the seminar recordings that will become available post-event.
You will also be asked to provide either your presentation (powerpoint/keynote) or a written detailed abstract for inclusion in the seminar proceedings.

The deadline to record and upload your presentation to the seminar platform is April 30th.
Email address *
Full name of potential speaker *
In what country are you based? *
Do you work in a clinical setting? Please specify the type of setting/ your specialty/ area of expertise *
What role do you play in this establishment/ setting? *
What is the name and website link for the setting where you work *
Biography *
300 words maximum. Please write a conversational paragraph about yourself, your qualifications, your work, your affiliations and your competencies. If you are selected as a speaker, some or all of the information you provide here will be shared on the seminar landing page and on social media.
The setting where you work *
400 words maximum. Please provide more detail of your specific role, the length of time you have been providing care in this settin/ specialty and how your work is integrated and evaluated. If you are part of a healthcare team, please give more detail on how it is structured and what care is offered to patients. If you have published or reported on your findings, conducted studies or audits of care provided, these are important to include here. All this information forms the baseline for what you need to include in your presentation recording and also helps us decide if your proposed application is suitable for including in the program.
Terms concerning conflict of interest, ethics, confidentiality *
Speakers at The Essence of Clinical Aromatherapy Seminar all agree that they have obtained all and any necessary permissions to provide information and data about their work. They agree that their presentation material is original and fully respectful to matters of patient confidentiality and the work of colleagues. They also agree not to use their seminar presentation for directly marketing any brand of products or for other promotional purposes.
Please provide 2 potential titles for your presentation
Please provide a short descriptor/ abstract of your presentation
Thank you very much! After you complete this form, please email us your high-resolution, professional headshot photo, if you haven't done so already:
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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