Intern with Leaders of the Free World
Leaders of the Free World(LFW) is an international experiential learning and leadership development program for black male achievement. . The LFW project is looking for team members who are passionate international experience and leadership development for young men of color. (Internships are unpaid)
3.5 month commitment (longer if interested) / 5-7hrs per week

Marketing and communications support for LFW project.
DUTIES: Assist in updating and maintaining LFW’s social media presence, including monitoring, posting, & scheduling.
Assist in planning, writing and managing e-blasts and e-newsletters. Draft, distribute, and pitch news releases, media alerts and other stories. Design flyers, graphics, e-vites and other marketing material. Assist in updating organization’s
website. Assist in the creating a marketing and outreach plan. Assist LFW staff in the creation of a sponsorship packet. Prepare bi-weekly updates and maintain regular contact with director.

Administrative and creative support for LFW project.
DUTIES: Research trends, data, & information relevant to LFW’s development. Assist director in preparing for the upcoming season. Support outreach initiatives. Organize LFW’s current and incoming list of available resources and support. Coordinate internal communications for director and advisory board.
Prepare bi-weekly updates and maintain regular contact with director.

Research trends, data, & information relevant to LFW’s development. This will include gathering data on the field of black male achievement, international experiential learning, and leadership development among black males in America.
Compiling report summaries with relevant data points.

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