On-Demand CMO Survey
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I'm trying to better understand each company's need for an on-demand CMO.

Marketing hires are difficult. Young companies have both strategic (management) and tactical (IC) needs. But it's easier to find someone strong in either than someone strong in both.

Hiring a strategic executive-level person can be expensive (to the point of being unaffordable) and if they can't or are unwilling to roll up their sleeves and execute campaigns, then those needs require hiring additional team members. If it was a stretch to hire the experienced person, there's obviously no budget for a team.

On the other hand, hiring a junior individual contributor to execute campaigns means the strategic and management functions fall back on the Founder/CEO.

These questions help me understand how you might be better served by getting executive-level input on a fractional basis instead of full-time. Okay, here goes...
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