Theorycraft app - 18:30 Sundays ST - Loot council
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Are you applying for Raid 1 (18:30 Sunday) or Raid 2? (19:00 Thursday-BWL+Monday-MC) *
What is your character name?
What is your Discord tag? (so we can contact you if we like your application) *
What is your class, race, spec & professions?
Do you have any alts at or close to level 60?
Please give a brief overview of your experience on retail Vanilla and/or private servers (raiding/pvp)
Can you attend 95%+ of the raids?
Are you wiling to minmax for raids? (All appropiate consumables for your class, make an effort to get Dire maul/ony/songflower buffs/optimal pve spec)
What are your goals within the game?
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