Cannabis/Hemp Industry CSR Self-Reporting Survey
By completing this form you are representing the cannabis/hemp industry and your company as a company which is involved in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), impacting local and or national communities for the greater good.

Since the cannabis industry, for the most part, can not report donations via the IRS, there is no way to track giving in the industry. CannaMakeADifference has created a platform to self-report the good things individual cannabis companies are doing which will allow CannaMakeaDifference to compile the data collected in order to create a standardized report each month on how the cannabis industry is impacting their communities.

The information you present is used solely for the express reason of reporting and the information you provide is held CONFIDENTIAL. We do not sell or utilize the information provided for any other reason, expressed or otherwise.

We will collect your email in this form, but only as a way to follow up with you about your form submission. This will not be made public and or provided to any third parties in any way. Thank you for providing information on your company's CSR.
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