Firebusters Life Safety Program
Parents should assist their child in completing this worksheet and submitting it correctly to be eligible for the prize.
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Where did you watch Firebusters video segments this year?
READY, SET, GO! Emergency Preparedness:
What are 2 items you should have in your "GO" kit? (Select 2)
Keeping your gutters _____ and having your woodpile 30 _____ from your home are two ways to give your home Defensible Space from Wildfires!
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The seatbelt should cross the _____ and the ____.
In order to use an adult seatbelt, how long must you be able to sit properly?
Name three areas in the kitchen where you could burn yourself? (Select 3)
What should you use to cool a burn?
If there are no sidewalks, you should walk on the side _____ traffic.
Before crossing the street, make sure to look _____, _____, _____ and _____
How many ways out of each room should you have?
What is a good family meeting place outside?
Should your bedroom door be open or closed at night?
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