October Adoption Event at the Guilford Fairgrounds - October 19th / 20th
Thank you for joining us for our October Adoption Event. Please fill out the form below. When picking times available we are assuming you are planning to work these times so be sure to fill out the forms accordingly.
First Name
Last Name
How old are you?
Volunteers under 16 will not be able to handle dogs when the event is open to the public, but there are plenty of other ways you can help us. If you are under 14 you must volunteer with a parent and still will not be handling dogs.
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What's your home town?
Is this your first event?
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If you've volunteered before, please list most recent adoption event (year/location).
If you have volunteered before what areas have you worked?
Orientation is REQUIRED for all first time adoption event volunteers and strongly recommended if you haven't volunteered in the PAST YEAR!
We are giving two orientation options. Please be sure to try to attend one. An informed volunteer is a GREAT volunteer!
Are you able to come to the final volunteer orientation on Thursday October 17th at 6:30 pm?
If this is your first time it is mandatory. If you've volunteered before please come. There are new things happening. This orientation will be held at the Guilford Fairgrounds in the Pavillion in the back at 6:30 pm.
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We supply Volunteer Shirts for all of our Event Volunteers. They are a bright blue and we did start giving them out at the last event. If you have not gotten a "Blue - Be The Change" Tshirt please pick your size below. If you have one please check the appropriate box. This has nothing to do with the Dog Team shirts.
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When are you available for the event. (check all that apply)
We ask all volunteers to either help with set up or pack up as this is a major part of the event.
Last but not least... How did you hear about us?
If you have not done the master volunteer form please do so.
This is very important so we can notify you of future events!
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