Intro to the Wellness Wall
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Because of its impact in every other area of your life, an important concept is to identify health as your most _______ asset *
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Speaking of value, health is similar to wealth because it can be ______ through good habits ( adjustments, exercise...etc) and it can be _______ through bad habits (sedentary postures, fast food...etc) *
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Your spine is the _______ to your health, youth, and vitality *
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The Wellness Wall program is designed to support your corrective chiropractic care by teaching you healthy habits and how to care for your body for a lifetime. *
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What are the 3 legs of spinal correction? *
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Graduation to the Wellness Wall is a significant accomplishment demonstrating commitment and follow through in creating a strong, healthy and corrected spine. As well as proficient knowledge in physical self-care in the areas of stretching, rolling/mashing and good postural habits to protect your lifeline for a lifetime. *
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