Renkas Marine Education Grants
This award is to support educational programs for classroom teachers and other marine educators. The maximum amount of this award is $200.00. The award is named in honor of Cindy Renkas and her children, Brock and Jenna. Cindy was the first SCMEA marine educator of the year and a former NMEA marine educator of the year. Brock and Jenna were very active in SCMEA from a very early age. Only active members of SCMEA are eligible. Current SCMEA officers and current members of the SCMEA board are eligible. Previous awardees cannot receive this award two years in a row. Attendance at the annual conference awards ceremony is strongly encouraged.
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Statement of Responsibility: The information is accurate to the best of my knowledge. As a condition of the grant, I agree to write an article describing the project for the benefit of other educators (the article will be published in SeaScripts). I agree to inform the Scholarship Committee in writing of any major changes in my project in a timely fashion. I also agree to use the funds as described and will make every effort to acknowledge SCMEA in any publicity directly related to the project. *
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