AGM 2021 Survey
This survey represents an ongoing effort of the FMHS Postdoctoral Society to collect a little more information about the employment status of postdoctoral staff involved in research and teaching at the University of Auckland.

Data generated from this survey will be used broadly and may be shared with other organisations. All data will be subjected to anonymisation before sharing. Please do not include personally identifying information in your short answers. You can answer this survey in part, and are not required to answer all questions.

We welcome information from all members, but some questions are aimed at RFs and SRFs on fixed term contracts. Please feel free to skip questions that are not relevant to your situation.
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What is your organisational unit? Mark all the spaces that apply to you. *
What is your Department?
What is your job title?
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What is your gender?
Which ethnic group(s) do you belong to? Mark all the spaces which apply to you.
What is your age?
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What is your residency status?
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Did you complete the 2019 AGM survey offered by the postdoctoral society?
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How many years has it been since you were awarded your PhD?
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How many years of postdoctoral research experience do you have (excluding career breaks, parental leave etc)?
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Have you taken a career break (for any reason) during your post-doctoral academic career? If so, what is the total time taken?
What was the nature of your career break(s)? Mark all the spaces which apply to you.
How important is having the option to take a career break (inclusive of parental leave) during a fixed-term contract?
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How long have you worked at this University in a research or teaching role (excluding time as a student)?
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How long is your current contract?
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How long do you have remaining on your current contract?
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If you have less than 1 year to the end of a contract, what next? Mark all the spaces which apply to you.
How many contracts or contract extensions have you had since first becoming academic staff at UoA?
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How many different research groups have you worked in at UoA (as academic staff)?
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According to your contract, what is your FTE?
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I am part time because:
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Do you have any comments about your employment situation or FTE you would like to share? You can spell out your FTE arrangement if you like.
How is your current position funded?
Has the Covid-19 pandemic impacted your research? Mark all the spaces which apply to you.
Do you have any (preferably realistic) suggestions about things the University can do to improve your employment situation and/or productivity?
Do you have any suggestions for activities or events you would like to see us running, or any other comments?
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