All on the Table
All on the Table is a MNmaxed Podcast production. The goal of AotT is to bring friends and listeners of the regular MNmaxed show on, to play Pathfinder2e with them! This is a pre-recording questionnaire to help determine the best encounter for all of our guests. Once enough responses come in with schedules that align, we will reach out to schedule game night.
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What do you want to be called at the table? (e.g. Name, username., character name, etc.)
What are your pronouns?
What is your experience, if any, with Pathfinder 2nd Edition (PF2)?
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Choose four PF2 classes you would most like to play during the session.
Do you have any particular party role (Tank, Healer, Blaster, Utility, etc.) or class you wish to play?
What level would you be interested in playing at?
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Every encounter in PF2 has a "Threat" level. Ranging from "Trivial" to "Extreme". What kind of Challenge are you willing to take on?
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Check the days of the week you are available (times are ~6PM-10:30PM CST) *
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