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We're so excited you've decided to write about your recent trip. Trip reports can be thought of as long-form property reviews: tell us the story of your experience.

Here are some of the things we like to hear about:

• Smells and sounds (or lack there of)
• Tastes (what did you eat? how did you make your meal?)
• Activities (what unique activities does this property offer?)
• Nearby attractions (parks, trails, world's largest chair, etc.)
• Pit stops on the way in/out (must-see thrift stores, delicious diners, secret viewpoints)
• Good-to-know's (good spots to pick up firewood, best time of day to arrive, scenic routes)

Don't be afraid to use bullet points or lists when applicable.

Report specifications:

• 700 to 1000 words (suggested)
• 2 or more title suggestions
• 5 or more photos from your trip (don't be shy!)
• Write your report in a Google Doc
• Embed your images within this Google Doc in the locations you'd like them to appear in the post
• Add a [square] profile picture at the bottom of your draft with a bio
• Include captions under your images that explain what we're looking at

If you're writing about a Road Trip, please go here instead:

Next steps:

• Once you submit your report, you should hear back from our Journal team within two weeks.
• Depending on Journal schedule and lineup, it could take up to two months for your post to go live
• We can't guarantee that your story will be shared on social, but chances are it will be!
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