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Please rank the below State Government priorities on empowering healthy lifestyle choices in order of importance, with one (1) being the most important. *
Please rate the following health risk factors on the level of importance, with (1) being the most important *
Tobacco Smoking
Not eating enough fruit and vegetables
Illicit drug use
Sugary/soft drink consumption
Mental ill-health
Physical inactivity/low exercise levels
High/harmful alcohol use
Were there any priorities missing from the previous list? Access to internet, mobile phone reception!
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Should the Shire do more to support better health? *
Longer Life *
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What could/should the Shire do to support better health? Better Dr services in the Leeman/ Green Head area and Mental health available. *
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Do you use any Shire provided facilities to assist healthy lifestyle choices? *
Do you think the Shire of Coorow provides adequate (e.g. sufficient, clean, safe and in good working order) facilities to assist healthy lifestyles? *
What facilities (natural or built) would empower health and help you to develop healthy lifestyle behaviors? Exercise equipment at the park, pontoon at dynamite bay. *
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Do you belong to any local community/sporting groups? If YES (please specify)
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Please indicate how strongly you agree or disagree with the following statements: *
Somewhat agree
I am proud of the area where i live
I feel like my life has a sense of purpose
I enjoy interacting with my neighbours
I know where to get help when i need it
Would you support Policies to reduce harm from alcohol and tobacco use? *
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