Pride South Side Studio Content Contributor Application - Round 2 Due 4/13/20
During COVID-19, Pride South Side will launch Pride South Side Studio (P3S), a studio focused on unique content that explores the intersection of queer, Southside, and Black/Brown. This is a direct result of the need to support artists, who may have lost work opportunities, and in keeping with the intention of the mission and vision developed by our Pride South Side Committee.

Pride South Side Studio will contract with 10-15 artists across mediums to produce content for Pride South Side during the COVID-19 crisis. Contributing artists will be known as Content Contributors and will create content that can be viewed on either one of our social media platforms (Facebook, Social Media, hey...maybe even LinkedIn). Each content contributor will produce content under the direction of the Pride South Side Director, Program Development & Operations Manager.

A pay schedule is to be determined whereas Content Contributors are paid per content ‘type’ that is produced.

Applicant Criteria:

- Be someone who is impacted and lost work due to the Corona Virus
- Identify as an LGBTQ Person of Color and Artist, particular preference to Transgender Women of Color
- High priority given to folks from or living in the South Side of Chicago
- Be able to create a "visually welcoming space/aesthetic in your at-home set
- Include resource information or a "shoutout" for the Census 2020 in a portion of the segment you develop.
- Should have Facebook, Instagram, and personal website
- Unique following on Facebook or Instagram of at least 850 Followers
- Demonstrated personal and professional experience meaningfully engaging Social Media Platforms

Application Material:
- Complete each application question and complete the materials as soon as possible. Priority is given to high-quality content that is delivered quickly.
- Include an example of your work within the application
- 2-3 minute introducing yourself (name, pronouns, where you are from and whar your "art" is. How have you been impacted by Covid 19?, Do you have any thoughts on the Census?)
- If your goal is to develop video content your submission video can be up to 6 mins (include the above question and a small example of your work or content you'd want to develop)
Email address *
1. Name and pronouns, if you'd like *
2. Phone Number *
3. What age demographic does is your content most suitable for? *
4. What is your artistic medium/mode of expression? *
5. Share your website(s) and social media accounts that show your work and practice.
6. Link to google drive containing work (videos, pictures, paintings, etc.) Make it shareable to *
7. Provide a Personal and Artist Statement: We'd like to get to know who are you as a person- values, likes and dislike. What drives you every day? What are you passionate about? Share about your artistic practice and how you envision it impacting Queer and Trans communities during this time of Covid-19? (300 Words) *
8. If you are developing video content, would you be able to create a "set" within your home/space that is creative and welcoming for viewers? What would you envision this looking like? (50 words). Note we just want to a general brainstorming session not finished ideas. If selected, we can develop this content together. If your content is NOT video-based; write N.A *
9. Why would your content go viral or why would people engage with it? *
10. Pride South Side will be licensing time slots for artists to publish their content. What kind of content do you envision creating and what time of day would it be published to the Pride South Side Channel? Why? *
11. In what ways will you take accessibility into account (ie do you have ideas for how people with sound, visual, mental health, sensory issues) may interact with your content? *
12. Do you have any clarifying questions? Please ask below. *
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