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Nickname *
nickname or call name
example: Aust or Thai
15 words or less about your education
your age
Location *
Country/state/suburb  example: Aust/WA/Como  or Thailand/Rayong/
do you have transport available. example medium size car or minibus
Service Category
what services can you support for foreigners
work timeframe
tell us when you can work..  day or night or weekend
Language English. S=speak, R=Read, W=write
Please answer like this S=?,R=?,W=? (?=number from 1 to 10 (1low 10best))
skills tourism
give detail to show customer know about your skill,, ie., activities or places
skills business
give detail to show customer your skill - examples of work or projects
Language Thai   S=speak, R=Read, W=write
Please answer like this S=?,R=?,W=? (?=number from 1 to 10 (1low 10best)) or you are thai you can answer with "fluent"
Other Language
show language and skill. example: Japan-S=?,R=?,W=?
currency to be paid (select for the country you work)
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daily salary
what value do you seek per day. please only show 1 value (if unsure see other entries)
current employment
what do you do now and how long .. if less than 2 yrs include last job
Your personality, likes and dislikes
tell us about you so people know you more .. 20 words or less
Location knowledge
give details of locations and how long. ie., lived khonkean 5yrs worked Bangkok 8yrs
phone details
prefix with M (mobile), W (work) or H(Home)
email *
home page
please show home page to your business or social website (include personal site like h5 or tagged) we recommend you use
AusWaThai forum name
if you have joined the AusWaThai friends forum  www.    please show the name used
Publish contact details
IF, we Publish contact details .. what we can show on the website.. example: your homepage or phone or email?
Please show website location where we can see a recent photo, or say you will email to us or "no pic"
Thai ID number
Option: Please provide your Thai ID number
work reference
name, occupation, how long and contact email or phone
Personal reference
name, occuaption, how long and contact email or phone
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