2020 Scholarship Application
Who can apply?
- Must be a California resident.
- High School Seniors and currently enrolled college students who are children of
CCGGA Grower Members who are currently employed at that nursery - in this category all majors are acceptable.
- High School Seniors and currently enrolled college students pursuing an education in Horticulture or
one of the Plant Sciences. Related fields such as Agriculture (plant based) or Horticulture Education for
future Educators will be considered. Students pursuing plant production, management or research careers are
especially encouraged to apply.
- Graduate students are not eligible.
Criteria used to score applications?
Please keep in mind that the following criteria is used to evaluate applications:

- Scholarship/Academics
- Leadership
- Active in school activities (sports, clubs, etc.)
- Active in agricultural related activities (FFA, 4-H, Hort Club, etc.)
- Community Service
- Clearly outlined future plans and goals ( include in your essay)

How to apply?
- Submit this online Application
- Mail or Email Current Transcripts
- Mail or Email Letters of Reference ( Minimum of 2)

Deadline for applications is March 31, 2020 at midnight.
DEADLINE: MARCH 31, 2020 at midnight. NO LATE OR INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. All Transcripts and Letters of Reference must be received by the deadline to be considered. No postmarks after the deadline date will be accepted.
Personal and Contact Information
Please read carefully and fill out all required information before submitting your application. ONLY COMPLETE
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Extra Circular Activities and Community Service
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Personal Story Essay
The Scholarship Committee wants to know something about you and why you feel that you deserve this scholarship. In 250 words or less, please describe what life experiences have had the most influence in determining your future goals? Also we need to know what your financial need is, involvement in community, extra-curricular activities, leadership roles, work experience over the past two years, what you plan to major in and what your future goals and plans are. Also, last but not least, how would this scholarship assist you in attaining your future goals?
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Please indicate how your transcripts will be sent. (It is recommended that you verify receipt of your documents by an email to info@ccgga.com).
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Letters of Recommendation ( Minimum of 2)
Please indicate how your letters of recommendation will be sent You may verify receipt by an email to info@ccgga.com.
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