Techtonica Incident Report
This is the place to report harassment or other unwanted behavior at Techtonica events, in Techtonica spaces, or otherwise involving Techtonica. If this is an emergency, please consider asking for help from someone nearby or contacting 911. Please provide as much detail as possible. It is likely we'll have follow-up questions, so we encourage you to include your name.

Your report is treated confidentially. We may share part or all of it with other moderators to determine how to proceed. We will *never* share details of your report or your contact information with the person/people you are reporting (unless you're trolling us).

Our Code of Conduct spells out what we consider inappropriate behavior, and how we deal with people who choose to violate those agreements:
If you'd like us to contact you, please let us know how we can reach you. Anonymous reports are fine, too! By leaving your info we can ask follow-up questions and provide support.
In your own words, what happened? Information like dates, times, and names are very helpful. Please be as clear and thorough as possible, but it's okay if you don't remember everything exactly. *
Is there additional context that would help us understand what happened?
Is this an ongoing issue? *
How do you want us to respond? *
If you have suggestions for how we could have done things differently to prevent this, please let us know here:
Can we give you additional support around this? This could include things like helping you file a police report, mediating a meeting with people involved, bringing you tea and listening, or whatever else you may need. *
Thank you for reporting!
We know it can be hard to talk about this. Thanks for taking the time to help us keep our community as safe as possible. If you've left contact info, we'll reach out to you soon. If you don't hear back from us and feel comfortable doing so, please reach out to one or more of the staff members directly or email
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