Bugcrowd's LevelUp 3 CFP - Dec 13th 2018 Deadline
Bugcrowd's putting on our 3rd conference for bug bounty hunters, over the internet for free! On January 19th, 2019, we will host an all-day web conference with presentations from bug bounty hunters & penetration testers sharing their best practices, strategies, and research to help level-up their fellow bounty hunters.

CFP Submission Deadline: December 13th, 2018 11:59pm PST

Content focus areas for LevelUp 0x03:
API Testing, Reversing software/binaries, Reversing Hardware & IoT Hacking, iOS App Testing, Advanced Web Hacking Techniques, Car Hacking

Our goal for this conference is to create opportunities for researchers to learn and level-up their skills. Presentations are broadcasted live via the Bugcrowd Twitch.tv channel, with the Bugcrowd team and presenters interacting in the stream chat with the viewers. All content will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube shortly after the event.

We are accepting talks/presentations from individuals or groups. We're looking for content ranging from beginner to advanced, with our primary focus on intermediate to advanced skills & techniques. The content should primarily be technical. Presentations should be 20 (method + demo) or 50 minutes in length (Full methodology or longer presentation). We'll reserve some time for audience questions at the end of your presentation.

Please fill out the CFP form below and we will get back to you in early December on whether we have accepted your talk.

Some suggested topics:

** API Testing: **
API testing has become a highly impactful area of testing in bug bounties, leading to critical bugs and high payouts. We need your help to teach the bug bounty community how to hack APIs.

** Reversing Software & Binaries: **
Share your techniques for reversing firmware or for reversing & penetration testing software in windows/mac environments. This is an emerging area for bug bounties and we need more talented reversers! Submit your reversing talks from beginner to advanced skill levels.

** Mobile and IoT hacking: **

We continue to see an increase in Android/iOS bug bounties and in IoT bounties. More and more programs are including mobile and IoT targets but many testers need introductions to prioritize their consumption and investigation. What does your testing environment look like? What are the must-use tools to learn? What vulns actually pay out? Submit your unique views! (both advanced and intermediate level presentations are interesting to us - We're especially focused on iOS and IoT hacking)

** Car Hacking: **

Car Hacking is on the rise and we have several car companies with bug bounties on Bugcrowd. We're looking for content across all experience levels. We also *love* folks that will share advice for what tools, applications, etc that should be used for car hacking.

** Advanced tool usage: **

Do you feel like you have a strong grasp on a particular widely used tool? Is Burp or ZAP your life? Do you write SQLMap scripts in your sleep? Is your framework or tool chain DA BOMB? Do have epic tooling sitting in your GitHub waiting for the world to see? Share your knowledge with the bug hunter community!

** Other: **

Bug hunting is about innovation. The topics we've laid out will be what the content focused on, but if you think you're working on stuff we haven't even considered yet - we'd love to hear from you too! If it's got hacker roots, we want it. No topic is too big or small. We're all here to learn!

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