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Your answer
With which programming languages could you write a program from scratch that reads a column of numbers from a text file and calculates mean and standard deviation of that data?
What best describes how often you currently program?
What best describes the complexity of your programming?
Were there any problems encountered during the following topics?
No problems
Some problems
Lots of problems
Please indicate the pacing of instruction.
Too slow
Just right
Too fast
A comma-delimited file has two columns showing the date and the number of sun spots recorded for that day. Write a program to produce a graph showing the average number of sun spots for each month.
How familiar do you think you are with the version control sytem used in your workshop?
Given the URL for a project's version control repository, check out a working copy of that project, start a new branch called Testing, add a file called README.txt, and commit the change.
How familiar do you think you are with unit testing and code coverage?
Given a 200-line function to test, write half a dozen tests using a unit testing framework and use code coverage to check that they exercise every line of the function.
How familiar do you think you are with SQL?
A database has two tables: SafetyViolations, and Labs. SafetyViolation's columns are ViolationID, Date, and LabID; Lab's columns are LabID, PIName, and Location. Write an SQL statement that outputs the PI name for each lab that has had no more than 2 safety violations.
How familiar do you think you are with the command line shell?
How would you solve this problem? A directory contains 873 named text files. Create an alphabetical sorted list of all files beginning with '2009' and save the results as results.txt.
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