NYSAECTE Membership Form - 2021

New York State Association of Early Childhood Teacher Educators (NYSAECTE)
New York State Chapter of NAECTE (National Association of Early Childhood Teacher Educators)
MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION - Renewal and new members
JANUARY 1st, 2021- December 31st, 2021

***Membership Dues (for renewals and new members) - covered for the 2020-2021 year due to COVID-19 pandemic (typically $25 professional/$5 graduate student)**

This application is for membership to the New York State Chapter. Please note that national dues are collected separately from each state’s affiliate dues. Please join the national organization (NAECTE at https://naecte.org/)

The NYS Association of Early Childhood Teacher Educators sponsors the annual conference and works to celebrate and support early childhood faculty in New York State.

Join your state organization and network with your peers, participate in our annual conference, and help grow the organization to support early childhood teacher preparation in New York.

Thank you for renewing or joining NYSAECTE - we are looking forward to the upcoming year!

Sincerely, The 2021 NYSAECTE Board: Jeanne Galbraith, President. Lynnette Haley O'Stewart, Vice President. Claudine Campanelli, Treasurer. Kate McCormick, Secretary. Antoinette M. Howard, Member-at-Large. Jen Gilken, Member-at-Large.
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