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Interested in having a product in one of the new mini bundles? Contributors receive 60% on bundles they refer. Mini bundles are evergreen and will be sold for $15 and have a minimum value of $50.

Please fill out the form below to apply and I will get back to you (if you have more than one product please fill out the form multiple times - once for each product).

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Sale: Mini Bundles

Bundle: The collection of e-books, e-courses and other digital products bundled and sold together as a mini bundle package.

The Organizers:

Sale Dates: These bundles will be evergreen and sold until December 31st, 2022.

Contributors: All authors and content creators that have contributed an e-book, e-course, or other digital product to be sold as a part of the Bundle during the Sale.

Non-Contributing Affiliates: Individuals that have been approved to sell the Bundle during the Sale and will receive a commission for each Bundle sold through their affiliate links.

Contribution: Any e-book, e-course, or other digital product that is submitted for inclusion in the Bundle.


I understand and agree that...

- I am compensated for my contribution to the Bundle in the following ways:

• I will receive 60% commission from each Bundle sold using the affiliate code made available to me by the Organizers. This includes promotion on my website(s), blog(s), social media site(s), email list(s) and any other internet and/or marketing properties that I own or have access to.

• I will receive no additional compensation, other than that explicitly stated above.

- I am ultimately responsible to make sure that I use the correct affiliate codes provided to me by the organizers when promoting the Sale. My compensation is explicitly and exclusively tied to my affiliate code, and I will only be compensated for sales made through that affiliate code.

- I will receive my earnings in the next calendar month after bundles are sold, if my payout is $50 or more. If my payout is less than $50 I will be paid out the next month my payout is $50 or more.


I understand and agree that...

- The Organizers will not take deductions of any kind off of my earnings for this sale (i.e. income tax, insurance, pension, etc.). It is my sole responsibility to track any income that I make during the year, including from the Sale, and claim it in compliance with the tax laws in my country of citizenship and/or residence.


I understand and agree that...

- My Contribution will be distributed with every Bundle that is sold, including all sales made by myself, Contributors, and Non-Contributing Affiliates during the sales event, any pre-launch promotions as well as during the flash sale.

- My Contribution will be distributed with every Bundle that is given away as a promotional copy. Promotional copies will be given to each Contributor. The Organizers also reserve the right to distribute a limited number of promotional copies at their discretion, for the purpose of promoting the Sale and its Contributors.

- I understand that all Sale customers will officially be able to access my Contribution until December 31st, 2022, but that The Organizers reserve the right to provide them access to it beyond that date, in the spirit of providing excellent customer service and reflecting positively on myself and the other contributors.


I understand and agree that...

- I will provide the Organizers with my content as a file download.

- At minimum, I will promote the Sale by writing at least one personalized email or post about the Sale during the course of the Sale and sharing about it on a minimum of one social media platform of my choice. There is a direct relationship between the amount of effort I expend in promoting the Sale, and the amount of commission that I will earn during the course of the Sale.

- If I create some of my own marketing materials, I agree to ensure that they reflect the spirit of the Sale and are not misleading in any way.

- I guarantee that all materials that I have provided to the Organizers for inclusion in in the Bundle are my own intellectual property, have not been copied from any other source, and that I have the legal right to authorize distribution of them in any way I choose, including as a part of the Bundle, and without cost or liability to the Organizers.

I have read this contract in its entirety, and would like to participate in the Sale. I understand that by signing below, I am agreeing to all of the terms and conditions found in this document.

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Please email a copy of your product to right after submitting this form.
Because of the length of the mini bundles all files will be hosted on Intentional Bundles. If you contribute a product to the mini bundle and would like the email addresses of the purchasers of the bundle your product is in that list can be provided.
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