Findcharitables - Initial data collection
As a part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we are working on the project. Basically, it lists authentic non-profit organizations like NGOs, Government/public schools, old age homes, orphanages, etc. that need donations. People who want to donate to authentic charities can visit our site, view the organizations’ profiles, and donate. We are just a platform to do the listing. Each organization on the list will have contact info and a bank account number where people can enquire and donate themselves. Being an outsourcing software company, we have lots of national & international clients who may want to donate to these organizations. Also, we are resourceful in terms of technical knowledge, finance, and marketing strategy required for this project, which makes us able to support it in long term. We need your help to identify and collect data from such organizations (NGOs, Government/public schools, old age homes, orphanages, etc.) for the initial phase. Thank You
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