Welcome Community Scientist!
Thank you for helping us collect data! Data and the scientific method are crucial to having a holistic understanding of the impact the HSHSRI project is having and measuring how successful we are in diverting waste from the landfill. We need to be able to show quantifiable results to our community and to our funders. By taking this data, you are helping us fulfill a fundamental aspect of the project and provide real and accurate results!

Please remember to submit the total accumulated amount for each category!

Also, please reach out if you have not been receiving our monthly newsletters!


Kaitlyn Reed
Zero Waste Coordinator
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Your customer number (just the number, do not include the "HSHSRI_") was provided in the PDF when you signed up for composting. If you need help with the customer number, please call Kaitlyn at 401-314-9217. Thank you!
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