Racial Solidarity Network - Registration Form
The Office of Multicultural Affairs is excited to have you participate in this semester's Racial Solidarity Network. Registering for this program implies an ability to attend both training sessions in their entirety. Thank you for taking the time out to register.


1. Promote an environment in which each member of the University community is welcomed and valued.

2. Provide an opportunity for the Fordham community to increase empathy, awareness, and understanding around the complexities related to race and the unique lived experiences people share as racial and ethnic beings.

3. Promote a culture of inclusion where students, faculty and staff can reflect on their own racial and ethnic identity, question privileges and bias they may have, and think about race and ethnicity in more complex ways in order to better understand the unique challenges facing Fordham students, be aware of appropriate resources, and to investigate opportunities to challenge systemic racism.

* Please Note*
There is a question within this registration form that pertains to "Racial Caucusing." This is a space for participants to gather separately based on racial identity to discuss and address challenges, concerns, and questions related back to their identity and the identity of others.

"Race caucuses can be a powerful multicultural initiative to deepen the competencies of higher education administrators and student affairs practitioners to create equitable, inclusive campus environments for students and staff."- Kathy Obear & Becky Martinez (2013). Upon registration please indicate the caucus group you would like to participate in based on your identity. Racial caucusing will be further explained and practiced throughout the training session.
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Please select a racial caucus based on your identity for week two. *
A brief description about what racial caucusing entails is provided at the beginning of the form.
If registration for the program reaches the maximum capacity, would you be interested in participating in a Deeper Dialogue later this semester?
"Deeper Dialogues" are a muti-week program to talk about various topics related back to either Race and Ethnicity or LGBT experiences as umbrella topics. OMA aims to provide this space as an opportunity to either begin conversations around race/identity and/or LGBT experiences for participants to continue the conversations after the training. This is open to students, faculty and staff.
Are there any dietary/allergies, ability considerations, or other considerations that we should be mindful of? Do you need to participate on two different campuses?
Please share the details below (some activities involve movement and/or standing that can be adjusted)
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