Giving Assessment
These questions are designed to better understand your current giving, giving goals, and structural needs. All answers will be kept confidential so please be honest and open.
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What matters most? What are you trying to achieve? *
For example: elect more women to office; further climate change policy; leave a legacy; teach my children about giving back.
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Why do you give to what?
For example: a friend asked; a candidate called you personally; care deeply about issue; you know a Board member.
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What aspects of your giving is non-negotiable? *
For example: child’s school annual fund, Board member write/raise commitments.
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How do you give and do those structures fit your needs? *
Do you give via an outside entity such as a community foundation, donor-advised fund, or giving circle? Are you personally making every donation?
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How do you research or otherwise vet donations?
What is your annual giving capacity? *
You can provide ballpark estimates from the past few years (501c3, 501c4, political giving, etc).
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How much of your giving is 501c3 (tax deductible) vs. other kinds of giving? *
How much of your giving is planned in advance vs. spontaneous (including disaster relief, etc)?
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How do you give?
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How much time do you want to devote to your giving?
This can range from making annual site visits to see organization’s work on the ground to simply approving a pre-vetted list of grantees and/or candidates.
How visible do you want to be with your giving?
Aside from candidate donations, there are many ways to give anonymously if you so choose. Many donors enjoy meeting with elected officials and NGO leaders while others prefer to have an advisor vet incoming requests.
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Who else is involved in your giving?
Your spouse, children, business partner? Financial advisor or wealth manager? Are they co-decision makers or only need to be "looped in"?
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How would you define successful giving after one year? Five years? 25 years?
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