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The Immigrant Dignity Coalition of Cincinnati is committed to fundamental human rights and human dignity for all. The Immigrant Dignity Coalition stands united in opposition to unjust deportations and to anti-immigrant harassment of all kinds.

We are employers and employees. We are clergy and parishioners. Unions and members. Agencies and clients. Students and teachers. Entrepreneurs and customers. Caregivers and patients. Parents and children. Sons and daughters. We are first generation. We are 12th generation. We are new arrivals – refugees, visa holders, and others. We are citizens and immigrants united for dignity. We are the people, a people that’s united. We will never be defeated.

The Coalition is building local power, forging a community that will last. In the face of the fear, racism, and confusion emanating from our nation’s capital the Coalition says: stand united, stay calm, get informed, get active.

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