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Affiliated to British Cycling, Cycling Time Trials and Western Time Trial Association.
Please complete this form to apply to join Bristol South Cycling Club. Existing members can also use it to update/add their details.
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If you don't know any existing members please contact the membership secretary before submitting this form. We normally like prospective members to have taken part in a social or competitive ride with us before joining.
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If my application is approved by the club committee, I will:
Abide by the club rules and respect the authority of the club officers.
Arrange 3rd party insurance by joining a recognised cycling organisation (e.g. BC, CTC)
Agree to my membership details being stored electronically
Data Privacy
Bristol South Cycling Club take your privacy seriously and will only collect and use personal information for club business. The information collected is the minimum necessary to be able to reach you or your emergency contact, charge the correct fees and ensure your eligibility for club competitions.Your data will be stored in a Google Sheet which is only accessible by a subset of the club's committee. None of your details will ever be shared with anyone by the club. When we send emails to the whole club we will mask email addresses so that even other club members don't see them. You must agree to this for your application to be considered.
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