CodeBrooklyn School Interest Form
The purpose of this survey is to 1) identify the interest level of schools in Brooklyn, 2) determine timing to launch programs to teach children computer science, 3) to help prepare for CSEd week (December 7 - 13), and 4) to conduct an "Hour of Code" in every Brooklyn school during CSEd week.

This information will be used to connect schools with various programs, volunteers, and funding.

Fill out as much as you can of the survey below -- the only required information, marked with a red asterisk, is your contact information (name, connection with school) and some basic school information along with information about "Hour of Code". BUT, we'd really appreciate it if you'd fill out the entire form as it will assist us immensely to help your school.

Once you have completed this form, please also take a moment to very quickly register your school as an official Hour of Code participant at
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Your Info
What is the name of your school? *
What is your name? *
What is your e-mail address?
What is your phone number?
What is your role with the school? *
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General School Information
What is your type of school?
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What levels does your school offer? *
How many working laptops do you have at your school?
How many working tablets are there at your school?
Are there any hardware and equipment issues you think we should know about and/or you need help with?
Do you have wireless internet? Do you have a way for non-DOE employees to get on the network?
What kinds of STEM, robotics, Computer Science, or Coding programs have you done at your school before? What if anything is in place presently?
"Hour of Code" Information
Our goal is to do an "Hour of Code" event during CSEd week (December 7 - 13) in every Brooklyn school. The following information will help us plan for your school.
In support of the CodeBrooklyn initiative, my school is committed to doing an "Hour of Code" this year during CSEd week! *
(If you are not the principal of the school, we'd ask that you check with the principal about this).
Have you heard of "Hour of Code" prior to this? *
Has your school done an "Hour of Code" before? *
Does you school already have plans for "Hour of Code" for this year? *
Who should be the school's single point of contact for Hour of Code? *
(Please provide name, phone #, and e-mail if someone other than you)
What support might you need, if any, to run Hour of Code at your school? *
Which day(s) might work best for an "Hour of Code"? If your school is already planning an "Hour of Code", what day(s) are you doing it? *
From start to finish an "Hour of Code" usually takes 2-4 hours.
Computer Science Program Current Situation, Needs, and Interest
What type of computer science or coding programs is your school doing presently, if any?
If you there is computer science and/or coding happening at your school, what is being taught? Who teaches it?
If you have a computer science / coding program at your school, is there an outside organization who helps you? If so, what organization?
If you have a computer science / coding at your school which kids get it? How are they chosen? Do they self-choose (e.g., elective)?
For THIS year (15-16), what type(s) of programs do you think your school is best prepared for?
For NEXT year (16-17), what type(s) of programs do you think your school is best prepared for?
What type of professional development (PD), if any, do you think teachers at your school need in the area of teaching computer science, software engineering, and coding?
We welcome any and all thoughts here
Are there any teachers at your school who we should contact about specific computer science professional development (PD) opportunities and PD funding/scholarships?
Please include name and e-mail if you have one
Would your school be interested in connecting with local volunteers from the technology community who could help your school with coding classes, hardware support, and/or fundraising?
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Another other comments or questions
School Info
What is your school's district? (e.g., District 17)
What is the schools ATS / DBN number?
(e.g., "13K282" for "PS/MS 282 Park Slope")
In what neighborhood is your school located?
What is address of your school?
What Community Board is your school located in?
Who is the your City Councilmember for your school?
What % of your students qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch (FRL)?
Is your school Title I?
(Title I funding is available to schools where the 60%+ of students qualify for free or reduced lunch)
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Do you have a (active) PTA/PTO/PA?
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What grades does your school teach?
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