Chinatown Main Street Festival 2017 華埠主街主辦 - 華埠主街聯歡會 攤位登記申請表 Saturday July 8th, 2017 VENDOR REGISTRATION FORM
China Trade Building, 2 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116 Tel: 617-350-6303 Fax: 617-695-1952
Contact: Courtney Ho, Executive Director 何靄茵-經理 email:
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Rules: 請註意各項大會手則.1.每攤位包括一張長檯及兩張椅,租金包括保險,牌照費及垃圾清埋費用在內.1. Each booth includes one (1) table and two (2) chairs, insurance, permit & Trash fee.2.須另外連同一張 $50.00 (伍十元) 支票 作為按金寄回主辨大會, 按金支票在交還檯椅後會退回. 所有支票須註明同上登記之名稱及地址.2. A separate check for deposit of $50.00 must accompany with this registration form, deposit check will return upon returning of all rental tables and chairs. All checks must include the Vendor’s name and address.攤位租金及按金支票請抬頭“Chinatown Main Street Festival”.3. Please make check payable to “Chinatown Main Street Festival”.4. 所有申請表格及支票必須於 2017年 6 月25日 (06/25/2017) 前寄回本會辨事處.4. All registration forms and checks must receive by June 25th, 2017 (06/25/2017).5. 本節日目的是與大小同樂, 攤位所出售 或陳列之物品, 不能對本節日及大小 身心有所影響.包括色情, 恐佈, 血腥 成份之物品, 如相片, 傳單及畫報等陳 列品. 這主辨委員會有權利去禁止或不 許可攤位出售或陳列這些對大眾有所影響之物品. 並禁止攤位內作任何買 賣非法物品或賭博成份之活動.5. This Committee reserves the right to disapprove or disallow any item or material that may negatively affect this family event, including any materials that contain or display sexual, violence or graphically bloody and/or gruesome images. Gambling activity, buying & selling illegal merchandises in this event is Prohibited.6. 攤位的範圍大小 以租 任長檯的長度為 標準, 若自加私人檯 子或架子超出 攤位範圍者租金另計.6. We also reserve the rights to RESTRICT THE SIZE of concession due to the limited space. Violation will be charged for additional space rental.7. 請郵寄申請表及支票到以下地址:7. Please send checks and registration form to address below: *
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