Breastmilk Donation for Dr.Kristian
After a serious car accident Dr.Kristian is not able to feed her 3-month old baby. Please fill out this form if you currently live in the DMV area and have unexpired breastmilk to donate to baby August. The information that you give in this form will ONLY be used to contact you in order to pick up milk donations. You can also help the family by donating using the PayPal link below:

Dr.Kristian is also the creator of @blkandgrn, because of her amazing team the online store is still up and running, purchases made at this time will be able to support the family thru this time.

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What time are you available for someone to pick up the milk from your home? (Close friends of Kristian are driving around to pick up all donations.) *
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I agree that all the information in this form is factual and true. I understand that I am donating breastmilk to Dr.Kristian to be used for her baby (August). I agree that I have no health issues that will impact the milk I am donating, and if I do I have stated those complications above. By typing your full name you are agreeing to these terms. *
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